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We offer a variety of remote and on-site consulting services to assist your organization in the strategic advancement of its health and performance initiatives.


Program Assessment

Formal evaluation of your organization’s current platform


  • Observation, interviews, surveys, review of assets and logistics

  • Comparison to evidence based industry best practices by comparable entities

  • Suggested courses of action for realistic and effective advancement 


Personnel Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of your personnel   


  • Movement (subjective and objective measures)

  • Physicality (power, strength, aerobic and anaerobic capacity)

  • Fuel (nutrition knowledge and behaviors) 

  • Sleep (quality, quantity, habits)

  • Attention (stress application and mitigation, mental agility)

  • Motivation (motivators, morale, willingness to change, self efficacy) 


Program Establishment (or Upgrade)

Specific guidance for creating or advancing your platform 


  • Based on organizational needs and wants 

  • Sensitive to logistical considerations: 

    • Budget

    • Space

    • Equipment

    • Time

    • Location(s)

*Consultation pricing varies based on breadth and depth of services needed, as well as your organization’s size and scope. 


***If your organization’s needs exceed the current services offered by The Initiative, we will directly connect you with the most trusted professionals in the industry. 

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