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Mental Health Training for the Tactical Professional
Meeting you - Where you are

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"Sleep is absolutely critical for your mental well-being and your physical well-being"

If you are here you likely want to:

-Make better decisions

-Excel at your job

-Be smarter

-Live longer

- Get along with your family better

- Perform better at sports

- Have a better love life

- Look and feel better


Owning Your Role in Tactical Mental Health

Get informed on how to recognize and take action on potential mental health issues within yourself, those you lead, those you coach, or those you support as a health and performance provider working in the tactical space.

1. Support for Self

Compare mental health to physical health and build a better understanding of depression and PTSD within tactical communities.

2. Support for Others

Identify triggers and signs of mental health issues and get empowered to take action that falls within your specific scope of practice.

3. Leadership Support

Recognize the difference between a supportive and non supportive environment and lead by example to reduce stigma and improve the mental health of your organization.

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